Road Sense? Sorry what’s that?

 Road Sense? Sorry what’s that?

By Nipun arora

Driving in India is a horor, No one follows the traffic rules here.The beauty of Indian roads is that you have to see left and right in a one way road.Cause you never know from where a car might pop up

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This is the common Indian’s thinking- “If no one’s seeing, I can do anything wrong.” Same is with traffic these days. Everyone tries to jump that red signal because no traffic cop is watching you. What does it save you? 30 Second, a minute or 3 minutes at max. Whereas if the same crossing has a traffic cop nearby, hardly anyone even crosses zebra crossing marks before the signal. Is it really necessary that someone has to constantly keep an eye on you and then only you will follow rules?

Then comes the lane cutting. Do you realize those broken lines on road are supposed to divide lanes on road? You’re not supposed to drive on them! But hey, maybe that’s the only thing you do the best- Changing a 2-lane road into a 4-lane road. Count the footpath and it makes for 5th lane too.

Police does not come on time! It took over 20 minutes after accident for them to come here. Wait, hold on for a minute. 20 minutes after accident, not after you called them! They could have arrived early if you would have skipped, “Tu jaanta hai me kaun hu?” and would have called authorities instead of your friends for help. But even if you will do it, they will take more time that they should. Why? People like you who race with them when they are trying to reach the spot. When you don’t give them way even when they are constantly buzzing their siren. If you drive in lanes, there are very high chances they will pass you easily which is not possible on a 2-lane road transformed into 4-lane.

Did someone overtake you? Please elaborate to me how that offends you. Why you have to overtake one if he overtakes you? Why are you shouting at that lady driving under speed limit in front of you? She is under speed limit, and if you have to go faster choose a different road. No one will break rules just because you want to!
That traffic signal with no dividers on any side of road? You are still supposed to stick on left of the road. But no! Lets pass all halted traffic from wrong side and block the oncoming traffic too! And not to forget, “Kaise chala rha hai, dikh nhi rha samne se me aa rha hu?”. You are in wrong way. No one is supposed to mind you.

Double parking. “Arre its only about 2 minutes, I will go and come in no time”. That statement is no justification to block a parked car. How do you know that person won’t face any emergency? What if his house catches fire and he immediately has to go there? What if his partner gets a heart-attack and needs to be rushed to hospital. Are you going to take responsibility for not letting him take his car out?

“Ye Indica wale kabhi thik se nhi chalate” or “People in Jaguars are spoilt brats of rich father, they will never learn to drive”. Stop generalizing! In the images I posted above, all cars from an alto to beamer can be found breaking the law. Its never the vehicle, but the driver who needs to be educated.

“Why to wear helmet or seat-belts? I only have to go to that corner and besides I am an experienced driver!” STOP! You may be the divine know-it-all all experienced guy but others on road aren’t. Its about your safety and not others. Granted, you only have to go next 50 metres but that doesn’t mean a bus would not tail-gate you or a truck wouldn’t crush you, accidentally. And you know what? You will be only losing your life. The stupid public on road will burn that vehicle(only because its bigger-they won’t see if you came in wrong way), and police will pull that man into jail for killing you be negligence. Only if you had a strapped helmet, you could have been saved and that guy too.

“But I always sit on the backseat. I have a chauffeur driven car, why should I care if he is wearing seat-belts or not? He has to pay the fine if cops stop us for not following laws. There’s nothing for which I should care.” Would you not care if he takes a gun and shoots you? Would you not care if he pushes you off the cliff? If he forgot to wear seatbelts and got thrown out of car for some reason(happened with a Lamborghini few years back), you would be sitting in an unmanned car. You may ask your driver to pay for all expenses if you remain alive then.

If you feel you are immortal, or sitting on backseat with/without seatbelts make no difference, watch Seat Belt Ad Safety Montage – YouTube(especially 10:00 onwards) and think again.

And then comes the great pedestrians. I have seen hundreds of times people crossing road by jumping rails on dividers and not using foot-over-bridge just 10 metres away from them. Heck, even going from zebra crossing at red lights can save your life. But who should walk extra 10 meters, lets risk our life. Saving a couple of minutes by not taking foot-over-bridge is more important than getting home to your kids/parents alive. Half of the population does not even know why footpaths exist I believe. Hardly I see anyone walking on footpaths, all walk on middle of road. I say again, if you want to die, please reduce population by doing so but do not make someone else responsible for it.

“The government needs to enforce stronger laws.” Are current laws not enough? When they increase the fine for rash-driving you all get angry, yet they need stronger laws. Government is doing what it can, rest is upon you. It is not possible to have a traffic cop at every intersection or every road. Cops are asking for a bribe because you did not wear helmet? Why did you even give them a chance? YOU need to think about your safety. YOU need to stop before stop sign. YOU need to be in lane. YOU need to wear helmet.

Article By:Nipun Arora

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