Nexus 10

Google’s next nexus tablet, the Nexus 10 from samsung. It sports a 10 inch screen,runs on Android 4.2.

Google has decide to call Android 4.2 as jelly bean only

The tablet will be on sale starting November 13, 399$ for the 16g and 499$ for the 32 gb.Hand’s on reviews do say that the tablet is really smooth.This tablet has  2560 x 1600 resolution, 300ppi,this is much more than the Ipad 4(retina display),It’s really much more sharper and we would enjoy watching HD movies with it.There’s limited storage that means you can’t expand the devices memory with a sd

The Nexus 10 might look like the galaxy note 10.1, the front stereo speaker

The device is a dual-core, Cortex A15-based 1.7 GHz Samsung Exynos 5250 CPU. In addition, there’s a Mali T604 GPU, stereo speakers, 2GB of RAM, NFC, 802.11 b/g/n (MIMO + HT40) WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, with front-and rear NFC (Android beam) radios.And mind you this dual core(Same is in the chromebook) is much more faster than most of the tablet’s out there, But only real benchmarks will tell us how the device is.

The Tablet beat’s the hell out of I pad in terms of Price,specs,NFC,The beautiful high res screen the only place where the nexus 10 is lacking is firstly it does not come with 3G/LTE And a 64 Gb version,And you know that Android does not have a tablet specific App store.So that means you will have to run 720p on your high resolution. this might make it look pixelated,blurry(Just as in the TF700) Unless developers develop apps for nexus 10.

Also, I read that the nexus 10 has a Phone-Phablet UI, Unlike the tablet UI which comes with other android tablets.

Just see how sharp and crisp the text looks like.

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If your looking for a tablet, for watching HD movies,Reading PDF’S,books and browsing and ofcourse gaming this is the device for you.Though you might have to wait(I guess a lot) for all app’s Ultra HD versions come out

Well how to device performs in Apps,benchmarks and will it be way under powered to run such a high resolution?We will come to know that only when the review’s come out.

Still then google,”Shut up and take my money”

If you guys have anything to ask or tell about the tablet please drop down your views under in the comment section 🙂

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