Apple Event live

I’m watching the apple event via it’s website.

Okay so now he has started speaking about the iphone 5, telling that it sold 5 million in the first weekend.

They then started showing a video of the iphone 5 sales, ques across the globe.He then added by talking about the ipod touch 5,ipod nano etc.

200 million devices run i06

He’s started about the features of ios 6.The app store has ipad specific 2,75,000 aps, they have paid 6,500,000,000 $ to all the developers.Other new features: new fonts and languages like Korean and Japanese, the latter of which will put books in the other direction from left to right page turns. Update is available free, today.

Okay,there something new in the mac,Schiller doing a quick recap of the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, running down various press quotes talking up the 15-inch model the company put out in June. Even so, the best selling MacBook is the 13-inch Pro..

They quoted it by saying #1 best selling notebook in USA.0.75-inches thick. It’s 20 percent thinnerThere it is…13-inch MacBook Pro. Real. I was waiting for this one,Schiller says people like the power and the small size. But the company’s going to replace it with a new 13-inch MacBook Pro…

Like the Ipad 3 he started boasting that there product has a higher res than a HD tv

Starts shipping today, 1699$(94,000k rs) nahh i don’t think it’s worth it

He now shows the mac mini …”You knew there’s something mini in the presentation”

Woah that was quick, now he shows the Imac

OMG!!!!! thats beautiful, i just want that

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