Pre-Orders for microsoft surface Tablet begins

Microsoft has started the Pre-orders for it’s Windows 8 tablet surface RT.

The chic slab of magnesium and Corning Gorilla Glass comes essentially in two configurations; 32GB and 64GB. When Surface was originally announced, many analysts and industry experts said that the pricing on these Windows RT tablets would be around $300-400 in order to help Microsoft cut its way into the tablet market.

Well, officially, the Windows RT tablet starts at $499 for the 32GB model, without the Touch Cover. If you absolutely must have the Touch Cover, which houses a laser etched keyboard on the inside, then it will set you back by another $100 for the bundle. The 64GB Surface can be had with the Touch Cover for a whopping $700.

The pricing seems to be good, and is all set to fight on par with the iPad, in-terms of display, App store the ipad is ahead.But, surface comes with Micro SD slot, a HDMI  out which all is simply no available built in- in ipad.

Microsoft Surface is available for pre-order immediately from here. The tablet will come pre-loaded with Windows RT and a version of Office RT that would be upgraded free of cost when the final version comes out.

This tablet is said to release on October 26th. Down the line, i Feel windows 8 will turn out to be an failure (just like vista), They have changed the start menu to the metro style thingy, Well i do agree some features are just awesome.Well i‘m happy my windows 7 for another 4-5 years until the next windows 9 comes out.Probably Microsoft might understand some mistakes they have done.

Yeah,Windows 8 is really good for tablets, it’s a freash,beautiful,neat and clean,smooth OS.It can do many things and Ipad can do.Yeah it can copy paste between folders(I read about this somewhere), and this tablet can very well(probably 95%) can be an Ipad killer 🙂

For us here in India, Surface RT could be something of a riot. If the basic version ($499 for 32GB without Touch Cover) is priced under Rs. 30,000, then it would definitely pose a very strong risk to the iPad monopoly. The 64 GB of the Surface RT tablet is $699, roughly Rs. 38,500 which is much lesser than the Rs. 42,500 of the 64GB iPad (wifi only) price tag. As long as Microsoft keeps the pricing somewhat lower than the competing iPad model, the Surface RT might become a major hit with the users here.


So what’s your opinion on windows 8?Do you like it Or not?Comment below what you think about it?Do you feel it’s a fail?



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