Ipad mini

The latest rumors say that apple’s ipad mini will be out before october ends.This tablet is aimed at giving a tough time to nexus 7 and kindle fire( these are the best 200$ tablets).

Citing “people familiar with Apple’s plans,” All Things D this morning said Apple will hold a press event on Tuesday, Oct. 23 to unveil the iPad mini. The blog has not yet confirmed a location, but speculated that the event will be held at Apple’s Cupertino campus since the company already held a big press event in San Francisco for the iPhone 5 unveiling.

Apple has not yet made any announcements.

Earlier this month, a report from Fortune said Apple would send out iPad mini invitations on Oct. 10, hold its event on Oct. 17, and start selling the new device by Nov. 2. But by the time Wednesday afternoon rolled around, invites were nowhere in site, and Fortune issued a mea culpa.

“My source was a major Apple investor who had heard it from three different sources. They were wrong about the timing,” reporter Philip Elmer-Dewitt wrote. “I was wrong to pass the tip along. I don’t know what I was doing in the rumor business in the first place. Mea culpa.”

When it comes to Apple event rumors, All Things D has been a pretty reliable source. In August, the blog correctly reported that Apple would not unveil the iPad mini at the September iPhone 5 event. iMore.com later predicted that the iPhone 5 would be unveiled on Sept. 12. Last year, meanwhile, ATD tipped the Oct. 4 iPhone 4S launch date and the change of venue from San Francisco to Apple’s campus.

Oct. 23, meanwhile, puts the iPad mini launch just three days ahead of the Windows 8 release. On that date, the Microsoft Surface tablet as well as a number of other Windows 8-based tablets are expected to hit store shelves. Can they compete against a smaller and more affordable iPad? Stay tuned.

If you can’t wait, check out PCMag’s roundup of the top iPad mini alternatives below, as well as some supposedly leaked images of the iPad mini.


UPDATE: Jim Dalrymple and John Gruber, both considered to be in-the-know about all things Apple, have chimed in to seemingly confirm the Oct. 23 date. Dalrymple quoted the All Things D story and issued a simple “Yep” in response, while Gruber titled his blog post “Oct. 23” and wrote: “Looks like that’s when Apple is going to unveil the smaller iPad.”

Well now the question arises should i go for nexus 7 or ipad mini?

That is a tough question actually, well see the’re many many people who want to buy an ipad, but simply can’t afford it so if this does come out, many fanboy’s will go for this tablet.But most of the tablets(exception to nexus 7) have a sd slot.So they get a lot of storage, and these days many people preffer Androids.But there’s one thing you can’t disagree with Apple tablet app store is much more mature and has clean apps compared to androids which have some issues.

But yeah in the end of the i would prefer any android tablets over Ipad’s as  i have the choice of customizing the theme in android as i want, Using various launchers etc.

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