Corsair AX1200i Review

Corsair has been certainly leading the market in terms of many components and has spread madness ! So, the review is basically on the Corsair AX1200i which costs around 20,000 INR.

Although the AX Series has been topping the Corsair list till now but there was no product with platinum efficiency as of yet ! indeed it is a term of surprise and we at TechArc respect that !

Corsair with this new fine dream woven into a single product has created something to be called an overclocker’s dream as it allows you to control and monitor you power supply right on to your desktop using a USB Cable !

So, getting on to an overview, the PSU is fully modular with nicely sleeved cables and a single +12V rail. The Corsair Link software can be used to set up many virtual rails and can be used to regulate the power on each ! Corsair also dumped in a Thermal-Operated fan system which doesn’t even Spin while at low loads which is directly proportional to the heat generated i.e. cool system. But if you are interested, the Link software gives you the opportunity to make your own configuration and adjust the fan speed the way you want it to be. Last but not the least, the High-End unit from Corsair gives you the platinum stuff here with a self test switch which can help you to test the PSU before putting it into your machine as you would never want an expensive machine to be blown up with this kind of stuff would you !

Unboxing this stuff, you will receive at first a rather log box and a quite large LABEL on it. There is a listing or the features right ahead on the box and highlighted Platinum efficiency written. The features are Quiet and Basically efficient operation, Fully Digital and The modular design. Well, I say “Yes” !

The back of the box gives you the details about stuff  like my personal favorite, the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which is a great addition to the efficiency of the unit over 80+ Gold Certification. The Fan’s noise, Corsair Link Software details and the output specifications table !

Inside the package is a thick layer of foam to protect the components, Corsair has paid quite some attention to this unit “Well, Obviously! ” 😛
When we took the monster out, it was wrapped in a velvet bag, that seemed really neat, like silk and was pretty shiny with a cool looking Corsair Logo on it. 🙂

Under that was a user manual and a paper on which the link to the Corsair Link software was written. Well, that was the same as what you will found if you search from  Corsair’s website.

The Modular cables with the unit were in a clean nylon package as we noticed in many Corsair Modular models. Well, no surprise that there were a total of 19 Cables in the box ! All the Cables were fully sleeved and of super quality !

A thick Power Cord, Zip ties that also come with a CX430 v2 same with the fixing bolts. Corsair Badge and a bag with a Corsair Link USB Dongle.

Well, seems a powerful software “Corsair Link” isn’t it ? Indeed it is.

The PSU has been given a nice and stylish look that is what we owe to Corsair AX1200i ‘s redesigned panels and a really nice design complementing the Fan grill and a cool looking honeycomb i.e. Hexagonal design at the side. The other side has numerous ports for the numerous cables provided right with the product and is fully modular.

on the various sockets, there are lables to help with the Corsair Link Software which is tried and tested. Indicator LED and Self-Test Switch is also found right there.

The specifications label is on the lower side of the PSU which adds to the luxury !

So, the next part is yet to be posted, you are not the only one excited 🙂


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