Push the limits with MSI R7970 Twin Frozr IV Lightning Edition !!

Graphics Cards have been in for a while now..!!
It all Started from PCI, then it was AGP and today its PCI-E to take it all over.. The latest generation is The PCI-Express 3.0 SLOTS..
PCI-E 3.0 slots are being used by the latest 7000 series from AMD.
We were looking all over the web to find something review able.. We finally found out this piece of  Heaven..
The MSI R7970 Twin Frozr IV Lightning – Lightning Strikes Twice <-Awesome Tag Line
is surely something you need to check  out.. This card has the specifications of a monster and the looks of a Supernoval Intergalactic Space Monster (SISM)..
This card supports 3GB DDR5 Memory at 1070MHz Core.. I mean if that isn’t SISM, what is  it ?
When we opened up the box, there was a smaller Black Box waiting for us to put hands onn. Wen we opened it, there was this MSI R7970 Lightning and a small instruction manual in a black casing.
As we went further there were two 4-Pin to 6-Pin Converters,3 Multimeter probes, 6 pin- 8 pin  ConvertersCrossfire Bridge and some more booklets and a Drivers CD..
I looked at the whole set and there was a smile on my face.
For more specific unboxing, look at this:
Courtesy of YoutTube
When we put this thing into the PCI-E Slot, this monster spreads its glow like hell.. It has a blue LED at the bottom and some more mini LEDs on the bottom of the PCB.
The Fans are really very quite that the noise is not Audible except for when Benchmarking OR Overclocking.. They revolve at optimum speeds as they are quite large 10 cm.. That is it.. 10 cm fans and also 2 with 8mm copper heat pipes for vigorous heat transfer and a really large Heatsink with Back PCB Plating for protection.

There are a lot of ports on the Side as seen here:
Gold plated DVIs, and 4 Display ports, it says everything.. This is supposed to be one of the best availible Graphics cards there..
It looks powerful and performs even better..
Well, after looking at this piece of art, we think that something big has arrived.. 🙂
Twin Frozr IV Cooling Design:
This is one of the best availible solutions in the market, its primarily based on the Heat Spread Design, 8mm Copper Heat Piping and Large Diameter Fans for faster heat elimination.
Working of this Design:
To beat the heat, everything works together. The Highly Heat Sensitive plating on the bottom of the contact area provides better movement of the heat, the heat is absorbed by the 8mm Copper pipes with heat transfer liquid within to provide vigorous heat transfer up to the Heatsink. Here, the heat gets absorbed by the metal and some remains in the pipes, a shower of furious cold air from the top by the fan cools the Copper and the Metal Heatsink. Once cooled, the whole process starts over again.
The best card for its price, packs quite a punch when it is performance and works really good at it.. If you have got a case with a nice and big side window then it would be good for you to get this card for its good looks and all round LEDs to show off both in and outside the game..
Have Fun.
Kush Mishra

A newbie blogger with a dream of supposedly million times better a world. Capitalist in the making.

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