So did nokia fake the sample photos taken by “Lumia 920”

Yesterday, our eagle-eyed commenters were among the first to notice a weird reflection on what everyone was led into thinking to be sample video footage of the Nokia Lumia 920. That reflection in a van’s window was pretty blurry, but still clear enough to see the cameraman holding a camera much larger than the Lumia 920.

Turns out, while all visible clues pointed this being the first demonstration of the new Lumia 920 camera capabilities, Nokia was only showing a simulation.

“This was not shot with a Lumia 920. At least, not yet. We apologize for the confusion we created,” Nokia later officially apologized in a blog post. While Nokia blames it all on “confusion,” it’s troubling to see something of that scale being confused.

And now, former Helsinki resident and blogger Youssef Sarhan is accusing Nokia of “confusing” not just the video, but the still images too. Looking at some of the image stills from Nokia’s promotional video for the Lumia 920, Sarhan encountered an image obviously shot in Finland at dusk. Interestingly, he noticed the diffractions from city lights. Diffractions are that spikey star-like effect you usually get when shooting bright lights with very small aperture.

“It’s impossible for a camera with a fixed aperture of f/2 to generate so many spikes from a light source. These kind of diffractions are typical of a DLSR camera with a smaller aperture like f/22. So, it makes perfect sense that if Nokia were to fake the video, they would also fake the stills; which they almost certainly have,” Sarhan explains.

Can you trust Nokia after all this? The company apolo


So this seems like a big marketing strategy by nokia.Fooling people by the sample pic’s.So when they go buy the product thinking it has an awesome camera and end up getting a plain product.

What they have done?

1. they turned off flash in other mobiles (S3 and 4S) and compared.

2. they turned image stabilizer off too. they should have at least compared their stabilizer with S3 where 920 would have won by a small margin but a fair win is always cheered.
3.They have fooled people with fake video later saying it is simulation, if it was simulation why didn’t they said it was just a simulation at the beginning?
4. read the article’s comment section. there is a bit of added explanation.
5. lastly the article itself states that the star type lighting in lights can only be achieved with a professional camera. a mobile camera can’t pull it off ever.

This move will really effect nokia reputation

These are the pics



If you look at the photo above, you can clearly see what we’re talking about here. The streams of light reaching out from the light sources are the giveaway. To take it further, if you look at another still shot published by Nokia, the same effect isn’t occurring in the photo, confusingly meaning that the company is mixing actual PureView photos with fake ones

So from what i have read People say that the image that says “shot with pureview” is basically impossible to be clicked with a mobile camera

This is what i found in a website

Youssef points out that a camera with with an fixed aperture of f/2 could not possibly generate so many light diffractions, and he also goes on to say that only a camera with f/22 — like a DSLR — could generate these kinds of images.

So let’s see what will nokia come out to say about this 😀

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