SX150-The best budget camera

What was i Looking for?

I was searching the market for about a long time for a 10k(<200$) budget camera.I Came across many and kept aside Canon IXUS 115 And the SX150.At Last i bought sx150 As it is a supper zoom(12x),And has great features like the “MANUAL MODE”.And Many people told me that, It’s a good camera if you want to learn photography and i agree with that.

About SX150

The Canon PowerShot SX150 IS is a 14.1 mp camera featuring a 12x zoom lens complete with optical image stabilizer. It has  a high ISO setting of 1600, Can record videos @ 720p , SDXC memory card support and Is powered with  AA batteries.

What the box contains?

The box is very simple just contains.Manual,USB Cable,Camera,AA battery,Extended Warranty,Wrist Wrap,4 GB Sd card

+ A Camera Pouch + Charger-Depending on availability .

Getting Started And Using SX150.

Now moving on to the camera, the camera buttons are neatly laid out and are easily reachable,you have a manually push out flash.The interface is pretty good.But yeah,it will surely take you time to get a hang of the camera,and be able to use it correctly.

And you have the four arrow controller with  center Func/Set button. The four points give direct access to flash options, self-timer, focus left arrow for=Macro,Normal,Manual Focus and ISO.

I myself had a bad time figuring out the camera,now i’m pretty much used to it.I love the grip of the camera.It’s a bit bulky(due to AA battery’s) .

The Camera has no viewfinder,but that’s okay.All other features make up for it.

Now Coming to the Dial,Theres the auto mode which  in which the camera does the thinking for you and chooses the right scene. Turning the dial around you find Program mode(Macro,Normal,Manual focus), shutter priority, aperture priority and manual. The chosen mode is also shown  on the screen, so you don’t need to take your eye off your subject while making adjustments. Continuing clockwise we get a dedicated video mode, the new Discreet and Creative Filters modes, a selection of scene modes, and finally the no frills ‘Easy mode’, which turns the camera into a purely point-and shoot experience, perfect for complete beginners. Sx150 also has  Creative Filters shooting mode containing 8 different options, including Fish-eye, Miniature Toy Camera,color Assent.

Sample Shots/Image Quality

The Size of each image comes up to 2.5 MB and more so if your planning to go a photography tour.I suggest you fit in a 8/16 Gb class 6/10 SD card and extra pair of battery’s.As each AA battery give’s upto 110-150 shots depending on your usage.


This here is a macro shot.As you can see the details clearly.SX150  allows you to focus objects as near as 1 cm.


  • Huge Zoom(12x).
  • Value for money.
  • The modes it offers


  • Use of Old-School AA battery’s
  • Very Slow flash recharge
  • Little Bulky
  • Ancient Looks


As i said if you want to learn photography and are on a tight budget go and buy sx150 without any second thought.But mind you sx160 is round the corner,It will have a slight change in design,a 16x zoom,16 Mp.

What are you waiting for?Go and buy it

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3 comments on “SX150-The best budget camera
  1. schumi23 says:

    It looks like a nice camera! I just bought the SX40HS (A much more expensive version of that) and so far I like it.
    I am planning on installing CHDK, a firmware addon for canon cameras, and hope it will blow my mind! (P.S. Mine is a bit more complicated – gotta find some more documentation about it.)

    • a2graphz says:

      Yeah it is a cool camera :).
      About the CHDK firm, I guess you can end up voiding your camera.So well let me how it works 🙂

      • schumi23 says:

        I’ve been reading the wiki and it seems pretty risk free, that pretty much any damage can be countered by just removing it from the SD card, as it does not modify any firmware. And yep, I will let you know how it develops.

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