GTA 5-Chases :)

gta 5 sports car

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s batch of screenshots, Rockstar has released four new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto 5. This time around, the screenshots depict a few of the vehicles in the game.

The latest batch of screenshots were released by Rockstar on their official blog under the title “Business”. The company notes that these screenshots will conclude this round of images they plan to release for at least a few weeks—but who knows what else they’ll have to offer in the meantime?

gta 5

First up is a picture of a police helicopter shining a spotlight on a balding gunman armed with what appears to be an AK47 with a laser dot attachment.

gta 5

An old school bi-plane flies above a river somewhere in the wilderness outside the San Andreas city limits. It looks like the Red Baron.

gta 5

This screenshot has what appears to be the game’s protagonist in a red sports car being pursued by an police cruisers, and an armed police helicopter.

gta 5

Last, but not least, this screenshot depicts a man attempting to hijack a truck while being pursued by a police cruiser.

Needless to say, the pictures are just lovely, and give us an even better look at the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 and all it has to offer. We expect to see even more in the coming days and weeks.

Wow! It’s just getting better day by day.This Game surely looks promising 🙂 .Looking at the VFX,Textures looks like it will surely be A huge load on my HDD 😦 And my GFX Card :(.

gta 5

^^ In the above pic,If you closely observe the background(The round building) does it remind you of something??

Yup,your right it’s probably the building (race track) that was near cj’s home.

Anyways let us hope for the best.We can surely expect a new trailer around the corner

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