Gta 5-screens show leisure activities

Wow!! More 3 screenshots this is awesome. For all the rockstar fans this means a lot. We have been waiting so long, and finally rockstar has started giving out screens etc.

Well they say that a new trailer is round the corner.And leaks tell that the game will release on 23rd November.



This shows some people dirt racing in the mountains




So As you can see the above picture shows, a person parachuting in a beautiful landscape,Wow the landscape is beautiful. Surelly, everyone is going to have fun in country sides 



Looks, so probably tennis is another mini-game. 🙂

One website also mentioned that the last 3 pics and these pics can be shots from the upcoming trailer 🙂 ? Well fingers crossed hope that is true

About the release date


The European-based online retailer has posted what appears to be a release date for Grand Theft Auto 5. When questioned, the retailer confirmed that the release date of November 23, 2012 was provided to them by their supplier.

“I can confirm that this is the release date forwarded by our supplier,” said a spokesperson for Zavvi to Eurogamer PT. “If the release date changes, our website will be updated immediately.”

Although the release date of Grand Theft Auto 5 has yet to be formally announced, game analysts like Michael Pachter have expressed their belief that the game may well be released this year.

Furthermore, previously revealed resumes of staff at Rockstar Games working on the game gave good indication that the game would be out around October. Given the nature of game development, there’s a good chance that their internal release date of October have slipped by a month.

The game’s release in November doesn’t seem too far fetched given the company’s recent ramping up of their marketing machine, which began with the release of three screenshotsyesterday. Rockstar says that they plan to release more screenshots later this week.

There’s a good chance that we’ll hear a formal release date statement from Rockstar Games fairly soon.


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