No freedom In Mangalore,India?

Even after 65 Years of freedom,I must say we Indian’s still haven’t got real freedom.

There’s Always some shames-full incident,that put’s Mangalore in the world map.Not something to be happy of,3 years ago it was an attack on pub,People attacking Women,People celebrating Valentines day.

And Now its the Home stay Resort attack,Where a group of Youngsters were attacked for having a birthday party??These People attacked the girls like hungry dogs,And slapped them,Molested them and took of a guys dress.And pushed him to the bed.And took a picture like it looks like they’re doing something shameful,and these people in the name of a religious group said it was a rave party.Everything they said was a lie,It was a normal birthday party with food,soft drinks and alcohol.

Now who the hell gave them the permission to attack the girls and molest them.They even stole a girls jacket containing valuable stuff.These people can’t take law into their hands.They have no rights to do this.They blame that our Indian culture is washing away.If their so concerned about our culture let them wear dhotis and stop wearing pants and jeans.

“One of the attackers touched my friend’s body like a hungry dog, treating her like some object of play. I cannot explain…please understand what his real purpose was,” she breaks down, unable to find words to describe her friend’s trauma.

“I swear that it was not a rave party. We are not that kind of people. My friend had taken her parents’ permission. Is this the way to treat people?”

Another boy, Vivek (name changed) says, “We are all above 18 years, adults who know our limits. We were celebrating our friend’s birthday, and did not violate any rules or norms. There were no loud speakers, but only a stereo which we hardly used. It is hard believe we are living in a free country.”

Are we calling this Hindutva? Come on…what ever is the issue – for me these are rogues – one who are denied love or do not respect mothers. Not sure even they know rituals or ideology of Ramayan etc. Total Jerks and such vedike’s and forums should be banned. I feel ashamed of this being a Hindu.

-All Comments from these people,Taken from various website

It’s our right to enjoy,party etc.But why do these people attack innocent people for no reason.And put all blame on them.Some say that 2-3 Media Persons were included in this.Media is know,to add fuel to fire always.And they did this again by showing the world this incident.

Imagine what will happen to those people who were attacked .It might take them days to get out of shock.

But tell me one thing.Why are these kind of groups given power.These people have no ethics,manners or are In-Human.Don’t they have mothers or sisters at home?

Youngsters,Women Associations  have gone to street ,demanding arrest of the people who attacked the girl’s.These People are stealing the freedom of Youth.The Power is in our hands we have to wake up.And do something.

Already 10/12 people have been arrested.Hope the police doesn’t let them off.

What do you think should be done to these people?Should we also get rules like of UAE where women are given great respect?I say these people should be given life-sentence,and be slapped by all Girls

I really wish India gets strong rules.All these so called ‘Religious groups’That say we against this and that should be banned.People who attack girls,molest should be Hanged.

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3 comments on “No freedom In Mangalore,India?
  1. VKR says:

    Its high time we act over the incident than just talk about it!
    Youth koin in,it’s time for action.

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  3. a2graphz says:

    Reblogged this on a2graph and commented:

    What the hell?Now they are blaming the boys!!

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